Trust Our Chimney and Siding Repair Services!

Are you searching for the right contractor to handle the chimney services that you need? Look no further because I.C.Y. Handy Works, Inc. is the right one to call. Our exemplary chimney and siding repair service is just a call away from the homeowners in the Roswell, GA area who need it. Do you want your chimney thoroughly cleaned? We definitely guarantee that the outcomes are ideal for you.

Why Maintain Your Chimney Regularly

Even if it is not part of the fire safety measures, it is still a good idea to maintain the chimney of your house regularly. This allows for a regular inspection by the fire department and even the insurance company. This prevents a property from getting unnecessary damage or losing its entire coverage. Aside from that, regular maintenance is the best solution to prevent chimney fires as well. You have nothing to worry about as you can always rely on us for a high-quality chimney sweeping service.

We Can Maintain Chimneys!

Our chimney sweeping service makes use of the right techniques and methods when it comes to cleaning the interior of the chimney. We are able to get rid of the soot and creosote build-up without causing any damage to the chimney itself. We find the best sweeping tools that we can use to thoroughly clean the chimney and make sure that we are able to remove even the tiniest particles. We can assure you that our tools are safe for the chimney, your peace of mind, and even the environment.

I.C.Y. Handy Works, Inc. provides the chimney and siding repair services you need so that the chimney will be cleaned. Do you need help cleaning the chimney of your house in Roswell, GA? You’ve come to the right place. Give us a call at (678) 795-0777 today so we can clean the chimney right away!